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Sławna Money Is Czy Are Ideas. “a lot of trees are”, not “is”: I still don't remember where the money is.

Show me Your money! czy ujawniać listę płac graczy? YouTube from www.youtube.com

I still don't remember where the money is. Money are or money is? 117,000 results on the web.

Wrong I Found A Money On The Street.

How­ever, “a lot of” is used in a way sim­i­lar to col­lec­tive nouns — when we talk about sev­eral ob­jects, e.g. Ahojte, prosim vas s cim sa viaze vyraz „money“ s „is“ alebo „are“? As the title of this ar­ti­cle sug­gests, “many money” is not cor­rect ei­ther, since “many” means “a large num­ber of”.

The Money Was/Were Sent Into Your Account Last Monday.

Pe­ní­ze jsou v češ­ti­ně v množ­ném čísle, ale an­g­lic­ké slovo „money“ je v čísle jed­not­ném a chá­pe­me ho jako lát­ko­vé pod­stat­né jméno (stej­ně jako vodu či cukr). If money were a plural then it would be where “are” the monies. So i guess i should use the first one but i'm not so sure.

Unless You Just Have A Lot Of 1Kc Coins!

But money is uncountable in english. Money is normally an uncountable noun. In general, the money refers to specific money, and ∅ money (no article) means.

Jan 30, 2012 6:38 Pm.

This is where the money is. This money is an advance for a job. 'money' is uncountable, the same as 'water' or 'information', so it is.

Money Are Or Money Is?

Your money is on the writing table. So we don’t say ‘money are important’, or ‘i don’t. I still don't remember where the money is.

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